CDL Requirements in Virginia

The following content comes direct from the VA DMV department:

Certification Categories

Federal regulations require all CDL and commercial learner's permit holders and new applicants for these credentials to certify to one of the four following categories of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operation: (1) excepted interstate; (2) excepted intrastate; (3) non-excepted interstate; and (4) non-excepted intrastate. Effective July 1, 2015, certification to either categories of intrastate CMV operation will require an Intrastate Only restriction of "K" to be place on the credential.

For Existing CDL and Commercial Learner's Permit Holders

If you hold a CDL or a commercial learner's permit that was issued prior to January 29, 2012 , you must provide DMV with your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Self Certification form (DL 8) and if applicable, any medical documentation (i.e. medical examiner's certificate, also known as a DOT Medical Card, medical variance/waiver/skill performance evaluation certificate (SPE)).

If Applying for an Original, Renewal, or Replacement CDL/Commercial Learner's Permit

If you are applying for an original, renewal, or replacement CDL/commercial learner's permit, you must certify on your application to one of the four categories of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operations. Based on your certification category, you may be required to submit additional medical documentation.

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