The SAVE Program - A 5-day Accelerated Sensory Integration Program

The SAVE Program is an accelerated sensory integration program that takes only 5 days to complete. SAVE stands for Sensory-motor Auditory Visual Education. It stimulates five senses simultaneously, which creates these rapid results. This 5-pronged approach helps develop, retrain and expand the ability to take in, understand and use information more effectively.

The Multi-sensory Training Advantage

The SAVE Program combines and targets five important senses at one time, auditory (sound), visual (sight), tactile (touch), vestibular (movement and balance sense) and proprioception (perception of movement and spatial orientation), Studies indicative that when multiple senses are combined in a training program, it creates a more rapid and effective results than when each training is applied separately. Many other programs train only one sense at a time. See Research

Digital Technology

The system takes sensory integration to a new level of training using digital technology. It is based on decades of published research as well as years of clinical results on The SAVE Program itself.

System is Completely Automated

Allows for a more consistent training. Requires minimal staff time. Staff can return to other responsibilities while client is doing training sessions.

It's Fast

The Program takes only ten hours, two hours per day for five days, to maximize the sensory integration experience, not months and years of trying to get the participant to do the exercises like many programs.

It's Passive

This is important when you realize that some children and adults cannot follow directions to do the activities that other programs require. The client just relaxes while the program works for them.

Requires NO effort on the part of the client.

Many children and adults cannot follow directions or do the exercises required for the other programs. Instead, The SAVE Program client relaxes on the gentle motion chair while listening to the special auditory training music and watching the special visual training program which all together stimulates the auditory, visual, vestibular, kinesthetic and proprioception systems.

How the SAVE Program Works

How It Works

  1. Goes through a series of motions that stimulate the vestibular, kinesthetic and proprioception systems.

  2. Participant listens to modified music that stimulate the auditory system and watches special colored lights for visual stimulation.

  3. Each of these sensory programs individually have been shown to be successful and using all five at the same time appears to work much more quickly.

  4. The five modalities occur when the client relaxes on a specially designed motion chair.

SAVE is Cost and Time Effective for You and Your Patients

The program is a cost-effective, comprehensive and effective approach to retraining the sensory system. The SAVE Program is the only program available that is effective in only 5 days of use.

Patient Cost for The SAVE Program comparison with other programs
 Programs  Auditory  Visual  Sensory  Passive  Cost  Duration
 SAVE PROGRAM         $2500  5 Days
 Vision Therapy       $3000+  Months
 Auditory Therapy          $2500+   Varies
 Sensory Integration         Price Varies  Months/Years
 Brain Balance          $4000-$6000  Months
 Linda Moood Bell          $3000/mo  Months
 Applied Behavioral Analysis        ‚Äč  $2000/mo  Months/Years